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Formed in 1999, network operator Nexus provides a full range of business communications solutions via its own and partner tier 1 networks. Nexus delivers the right solution based on actual customer need rather than the limitation of a single network offering.

Nexus has a culture of service excellence, flexibility and customer choice underpinned by its bespoke customer care, billing and customer information systems enabling the highest levels of quality, service and support at all times.

Convergence Group support Nexus with their full spectrum of products and services from broadband and internet connectivity to leased lines, point to point connectivity and multisite WAN services. “The arrangement allows us to support our SME client base with cloud based services that could mean as little as a single circuit right up to our larger clients requiring 170 or more circuits with 170 or more back up circuits.

One of the unique propositions Convergence bring is their network management capability. We can offer customers 24x7x365 network management with access to the Convergence Network Operations Centre and network
management resources as well as access to their NetView and NetFlow facilities which allow both us and our customers to get a full view of their network real time, all the time. Our customers have all the information they need to make better informed decisions – they can see everything that we can, the good, the bad and the indifferent; it’s a major differentiator for us.

It’s not just transparency that we can offer though. The Convergence team and the processes and account management they have in place mean that they are fantastic at proactively managing networks. They have the expertise and the resources to monitor what is going on at all times and alert us and our clients when an issue is likely to emerge.”